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How To Write A Book Report

Basic Guideline On How To Write A Book Report

If your professor gives you a book report assignment, the first question that'll pop into your mind is how to write a book review. You won't be the only one to ask that question. While your professor will give you enough guidance to develop some...
how to write an appendix

How To Write An Appendix – A Basic Guide For Beginners

When it comes to including an appendix, most students do it to provide comprehensive details of a topic to the readers. Before we dive into learning how to write an appendix, let’s first understand what an appendix is. ...
How to write a thesis

How To Write An Effective Thesis Statement?

If you scour through the online educational forums, you will see questions like how to write a good thesis. Most students struggle with thesis or even essay writing as they are unfamiliar with the subject matter. Moreover, they are unaware of the aut...
How To Write Reflective Writing

A Complete Guide For Reflective Writing Tips And Trick

As a student, you may often be asked to reflect on a particular topic to show your understanding of it. For students, reflective writing involves exploring and explaining an event, experience, opinions, etc. Academic reflective writing may...
Types Of Plagiarism

10 Types Of Plagiarism To Avoid In Academic Writing

A comprehensive survey of the International Center For Academic Integrity and Dr Donald McCabe was conducted throughout the span of 12 years (2002-2015) across 24 high schools in the US. More than over 70,000 students, both graduates and undergraduat...

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