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How To Write Definition Essay - Foolproof Tips And Topic Prompts

Let’s say you get a printed recipe, a fully stocked pantry, a state-of-the-art kitchen and a deadline for making baklavas for 20 people. What are baklavas, you ask? Well, let’s assume you have all the information you need to prepare bak...
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A Complete Guide On How To Write A Cause And Effect Essay

“Everything happens for a reason.” Don’t you agree? From celestial events like the birth of a new star to making a mistake while solving your math homework – there is a reason behind all these things. Surely, there are thing...
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9 Clever Tricks To Pen The Perfect Cover Letter

Fresh out of college and a world of opportunities await you! With so many firms and job portals to apply on, why stutter at the most basic of skills that you need to acquire anyway? Indeed, it is the much-dreaded task of writing cover letters, and ...
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Top-Notch Narrative Essay Topics For A Brilliant Paper

Storytelling is not a new concept. It dates back to the prehistoric age. It is hard to imagine that our ancestors sitting around the fire in the caves and telling stories, right? Human beings always are, and always have been obsessed with stories....
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100+ Essay Topics That Will Shoot Up Your Grades Through The Roof

You must be familiar with the feeling when you get butterflies in your stomach, and that sudden giddiness? No, we are not talking about falling in love. We are talking about the dreaded task of selecting essay topics to write about. Well, we have ...

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