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Mastering the Art of Delivering Impromptu Speech Topics -

Mastering The Art Of Delivering Impromptu Speech Topics

Students in Australia mostly find themselves uncomfortable when they have to speak on a topic with less familiarity. Public speaking is itself scary. And on top of that, if students are asked to create speeches on that instance, it can be very chal...
Commemorative Speech Topics & Ideas that Promise Good Grades -

Commemorative Speech Topics & Ideas That Promise Good Grades

Let’s say you have been promoted to the position of ‘prefect’ in your school. And your professors have asked you to prepare a speech to celebrate this occasion. This speech is known as commemorative speech and it is one of the mos...
Perfect List of 75+ Topic Ideas for Motivational Speech -

Perfect List Of 75+ Topic Ideas For Motivational Speech

"In every single thing you would do, you are choosing a direction. Your life is a product of choices."  – Dr. Kathleen Hall We know the task of drafting a mind-blowing and hard-hitting motivational speech topic is not a walk in the park...
PEEL Paragraph Structure: Introduction, Checklist & Writing Tips -

PEEL Paragraph Structure: Introduction, Checklist & Writing Tips

You may have learned for essays about the word PEEL, but what exactly does it mean? And how is it that will help? We are here to explain everything, and to give you some tips on how to nail your next essay. Essays are definitely an art to publish. ...
A Comprehensive Guide To Structuring A TEEL Essay -

A Comprehensive Guide To Structuring A TEEL Essay

Kylie comes into her room and throws her essay paper on her bed and slumps down dejectedly. The document has no red markings, and yet somehow she has scored a humiliating C. But how did this happen? She had spent days planning what to write in her ...

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