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60 Good Argumentative Essay Topics -

60 Good Argumentative Essay Topics

What is an argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay is a type of essay where you need to be persuasive or convincing while you are stating your opinion. Present the arguments from both sides of the issue. It depends on you whether you want to present balanced arguments, or you only want to stick to one side of the argument.

Argumentative essays are probably the best place to showcase your skill on persuasion or how you convince your readers. The general structure of an argumentative essay would be:

  • Introduction- You need to add a hook sentence, background information, thesis statement
  • Body: Present 3 or more major arguments
  • Conclusion: Rephrase the thesis statement, mention argument points, and end it with a concluding remark.

An argumentative essay needs to be decided on a topic and then take a relevant position on it. The researchers need to back up their respective point of views with every well researched factors as well as information. One of the toughest portions for the argumentative essay is to decide on which topic the essay is to be written. However, there are several ideas that are available for one person to get started. The students often find that most of the works on these essays are being done even before they even start essay writing.

While you are writing an argumentative essay, you need to choose a topic that you find most suitable. Choose a topic that you find easier to write such as.

  1. Controversial
  2. Sports
  3. Medical
  4. Education
  5. Animals
  6. Social media
  7. Technology
  8. Music
  9. Students

It refers to the fact that it is the best way when they have a general interest on the subject and otherwise getting bored or frustrated while trying to gather confidential information. One do not need to know about everything. It is the best when one have a general interest in the subject, however the argument that is being chosen does not comprise of the topic that one agrees with. The subject that is been selected might not necessarily be the one, which any researcher agrees to be on complete agreement. Researching a different point of view helps the researcher in broadening their respective perspectives majorly.

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Most of the time, the best ideas are being sparked only by looking at several different options. Exploring an entire list of all possible topics and then checking whether a few pictures of interest are present or not. There are several numbers of topics, which are extremely controversial and should be focused properly for checking that whether the essay is turning into an argumentative essay or not. In any particular argumentative essay, the opinions eventually matter the most and the controversy is done on the basis of opinions that these could be backed up by specified factors. When these topics are extremely controversial or the researcher do not find the correct essay topic, the argumentative essay does not provide an effective and efficient solution.

Argumentative Essay Topics

Here are a few categories of topics from where you may choose your right one:

Controversial argumentative essay topics

Writing on a controversial argumentative essay topic can be quite challenging. Consider your reader’s viewpoints while writing on a controversial topic. Even though you are passionate, try not to go with a too controversial topic.  Instead, you can look at the following list of controversial argumentative essay topics:

  1. Are video games cause behavioral problems in kids?
  2. More schools should become public 
  3. The rapists should be killed instantly
  4. Fundamentals of religions are a threat to society
  5. Should abortion be legal?
  6. Women should have the freedom of keeping surnames even after marriage
  7. Are guns the best way to put an end to crimes?

Argumentative essay topics on sports

Sports can improve concentration level of students. It also develops their sportsmanship level and social interaction skill. More people are getting to know the hidden benefits of sports. So if you are willing to share your opinion in this genre, you can take inspiration from these topics:

  1. Academic and physical education should have the same importance in the school system
  2. Is NCAA having a negative influence on the overall academic performance?
  3. Do you consider cheerleading to be a real sport?
  4. Female athletes should have equal chances as male athletes.
  5. Shouldn't government ban animal sports
  6. Can chess be called a real sport?
  7. Do colleges spend too much money on sports activities?

Argumentative essay topics for medical

As we all know, medical is a vast topic. There are endless areas to investigate or discover. So if you are studying medical, you can take help of these following argumentative topics:

  1. Do you think people affected with sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS be quarantines forcibly?
  2. Should children below 18 years old be allowed to do plastic surgery without their parent’s consent?
  3. Doctors are disconnecting patient who needs live support machines to live. Is it right?
  4. Should healthcare be free for people below poverty?
  5. Do you consider addiction to alcohol a disease?
  6. Shouldn’t the government ban experiments on animals?
  7. What is better private healthcare or private healthcare?

Argumentative essay topics about education

Choosing an educational argumentative essay topic means you need to make it as informative as you can. If you are looking forward to writing an educational argumentative essay, you may consider the following essay topics:

  1. Should more schools start using video game games in the form of educating a student?
  2. Can technologies be more beneficial for students?
  3. Which are better, single-sex classes or mixed classes?
  4. Are students facing more pressure from doing homework and assignments?
  5. The grading system should exist or not?
  6. Are exams the best way to assess student’s knowledge or skill level?
  7. Shouldn’t more school adapt more to practical knowledge rather than theoretical knowledge?

Argumentative essay topics on animals

When you are writing an argumentative essay on animals, you will uncover various debatable topics on mistreatments with animals. They will involve a lot of moral dilemmas for sure.

Here are a few topic ideas for argumentative essays on animals:

  1. Shouldn’t the government ban human action, which is leading to animal extinction?
  2. Should more people turn vegetarian to stop animal cruelty?
  3. Is animal testing for cosmetic purposes justifiable?
  4. Do you think the government should stop bullfighting?
  5. Is it justifiable to drug cow for boosting milk production?
  6. Do you think it is unethical to euthanize stray animals?
  7. Is it fair for pets to get neutered to avoid overpopulation?

Argumentative essay topics on social media

Now-a-day, every news makes on the feed of social media. We post out opinion, judgment, and even express our hatred through these mediums. Social media is indeed changing the lifestyle of people. You can follow these topics when writing argumentative essay topics on social media:

  1. Shouldn’t there be an age limit for kids or teens to use social media?
  2. Aren’t people getting more addicted to social media?
  3. Is social media beneficial or harmful to society?
  4. Is social media helping to spread radicalization?
  5. Are more students getting a victim of cyberbullying?
  6. Is there a positive effect or more negative effects of a young adult using Instagram?
  7. Are Apps really helpful or just a means of wasting time?

Argumentative essay topics on technology

Here is a couple of argumentative essay topics on technology.
  1. Are cell phones extremely dangerous?
  2. Are we too dependent on computers?
  3. Is artificial intelligence the future of human evolution and is there a real threat of it overrunning the human control?
  4. Should the dangers of the Nuclear energy be ignored while consideration it as an alternate source of energy?
  5. Does science fully explain nature and its constant evolution?

Argumentative essay topics about music

Music is known to be one of the powerful instruments in life. People feel connected and more expressive when they are listening or singing a song. Do you share an interest in the field of music? Consider these topic ideas while writing your argumentative essay.

  1. Does music act as escapism to the busy daily schedule?
  2. Don’t you think modern music lyrics are too vulgar for the young audience?
  3. Do you think modern music is meaningful at all?
  4. Do music artists getting paid as other artists?
  5. Do you think heavy metal music makes more sense than Hip-hop?
  6. Do you think rock and rolls are getting extinct?
  7. Does music hold the power of stirring emotions and create physiological reactions?

Argumentative essay topics for students

An argumentative essay for student needs to be more educational and informative. There shouldn’t be any controversial topic in here. These are the most valuable argumentative essay topics for school students as well as college students.

  1. Do you consider online dating to be safe or not?
  2. Do you think more people should accept cross-cultural marriages?
  3. Do you think the government should come up with rules against using animal species for research purposes?
  4. Do you think electric vehicles are a good alternative plan to reduce pollution?
  5. Do you think people should get first aid at free of cost?
  6. Do you think the government taking the required steps for global warming? 
  7. Do you think children are getting addicted to more video games rather than playing outside or interacting with friends?

The above mentioned topics of 60 argumentative essays provide a brief overview of every sector, such as current affairs, educational industry, health or nutrition industry, social media and the Internet, political background, international relations, religion background, career and job industry, legal field, parenting as well as child education and many more.

An argumentative essay is a kind of essay that includes a collection of completely developed arguments for the core purpose of supporting a thesis statement, which undertakes a solidified stance over any particular issue. The outline of an argumentative essay is generally being structured as per the five paragraphed essay with a proper introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. The five paragraphs of an argumentative essay includes a strong introductory paragraph with a clearer thesis, three divided body paragraphs that are substantiated with detailed evidence and finally with a compelling conclusion.

The researchers should utilize several transitional words as well as phrases for the core purpose of guiding the readers through their respective arguments. A good argument is a simple numbers game with a clear winner and the five paragraphs help the researcher to present their claims clearly as well as confidently during backing their views with specific solid evidence from the credible research material and literacy texts. The transitional phrases as well as words in the entire argumentative essay helps in unifying the facts stated and even making the paper short and correct.

It does not make the argumentative essay absolutely abrupt in nature and choppy. The opting for transitional phrases as well as words like similarity over the same note in an agreement with contrarily by supporting to back the argument equally important and provided that everything is considered or given the points for adding continuity, readability or even flow of the argumentative essay.

At first the standardized tests are being argued for representing the academic strengths or weaknesses of the researchers before discussing about the timed tests or understanding of materials. The above provided 60 argumentative essay topics demonstrate about the wide variety of issues in different sectors that are needed to be addressed on a priority basis.

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