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Tips to Write an Essay in The Correct Format

Tips To Write An Essay In The Correct Format

Essay writing is the basic form of academic writing. Though simple, it demands to be written in the correct format. Unfortunately, most students often make mistakes in this part. They are either not sure how to write it in a valid format. Then, else ...
Write an Argumentative Essay

5 Essential Steps Of Writing An Argumentative Essay

An essay is a piece of writing intended to write about a topic in detail. It is done to inform or describe all minute detailed information about that topic. While writing an essay, it is very important to maintain its size and composition. It should ...
Tricks to Make Your Essay Longer

7 Proven Hacks To Expand The Size Of Your Essay Like A Pro

The stretch of an essay is a considerable ingredient that defines any good college paper. Most of the time, you will find your professor prompting you about the size of the essay. And when you abide by the instruction, it will have an impression on y...
How to write a satire essay?

How To Write A Satire Essay?

The main objective of satire essay writing is to make fun of something or someone. There are nine types of humour in literature, and satire is one of the most commonly used humour forms to poke politicians and social norms by comedians and cartooni...
Evaluation Essay Topic

100+ Evaluation Essay Topics For All Academic Level Students

When it comes to an evaluation essay, what matters most is how well you assess a matter and every facet to it minutely. But even before it comes to writing, the evaluation essay topic that you choose has a huge role to play. While writing an essay c...

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