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9 Clever Tricks To Pen The Perfect Cover Letter

Fresh out of college and a world of opportunities await you! With so many firms and job portals to apply on, why stutter at the most basic of skills that you need to acquire anyway? Indeed, it is the much-dreaded task of writing cover letters, and
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55+ High School Research Paper Topics To Grab Your Reader’s Attention

Selecting a High school research paper topic can be the most challenging part of writing a research paper. It takes a lot of time to choose a topic that might work for you. Consider yourself lucky if your teacher assigns the topic. Most of the time
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Expert’s Guide To Using APA Referencing In Essays In 2019

Using APA referencing in an essay in 2019 might prove to be challenging for an individual who’s not well-versed with the latest format. Writing an essay is one thing, and drafting an essay in the APA referencing style is another. Unless you k
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MLA Essay Format In 2019: Everything You Need To Know

In order to excel in today’s world of intense academic competition, it is essential to master the art of writing. However, you may not be able to climb the steps of success if you don’t update yourself with the latest essay formats, esp
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Proofreading Vs Editing: Who Wins The Never-ending Tug Of War?

Welcome to the eternal face-off between proofreading and editing. Which one is more important? Can an editor also be a proof-reader and get the writing task free from errors? Is it important to hire an editor when you already have a proof-reader? H

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