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65 Powerful Discursive Essay Topics With Smart Writing Tips -

65 Powerful Discursive Essay Topics With Smart Writing Tips

Staring at the blank screen for hours is a very common thing when you motivate yourself to write an essay. Writing essays is a difficult task, more so when you can’t even select a topic. If you conduct an online search for topics, you will come up with many suggestions. However, not all the topics will fetch you the best grades.

While writing a discursive essay, you need to discuss about a recent issue, a controversy, or a problem. You should present a balanced discussion in the essay. You must select a topic that will present you with the opportunity to discuss both ‘for’ and ‘against’ the argument.

Without further ado, let us start with the list of remarkable topics:

  1. Life in North Korea
  2. Is it time to ban death penalty?
  3. Should gay marriage be legalised in every nation?
  4. Is it necessary to have uniforms in schools?
  5. Are prisons too crowded?
  6. Social media- a blessing or a curse?
  7. Should everybody turn vegan?
  8. Women’s rights and the effectiveness of the relevant movements
  9. Fasting and its benefits: Discuss.
  10. Freedom of speech around the world
  11. Is technology damaging our social life and disrupting our family time?
  12. Should world leaders use chemical weapons while at war?
  13. Sex education in school
  14. Use of Nuclear weapons in case of foreign attacks
  15. Should yearly competency test be made compulsory for teachers?
  16. Is control on gun ownership necessary in the United States?
  17. The effect of video games on impressionable children
  18. TV reality shows are harmful. Discuss
  19. Should bicycles take the place of cars?
  20. Can film stars be a role model for the present generation?
  21. Every immigrant must know how to speak English
  22. Did the human medical experiments conducted by the Nazis have any positive effect?
  23. The contribution of Smartphones to the society
  24. Should every country allow euthanasia?
  25. Can animal experiments be accepted under any circumstance?
  26. Which is worse- Blue collar or White collar crimes?
  27. Should health care and education be free in every nation?
  28. Are sugar substitutes a healthy option?
  29. The legalisation of marijuana in every nation
  30. Books are always better than movies
  31. Should religious studies be mandatory in schools?
  32. Is it necessary to have a particular law for the internet trollers who bully or harass people?
  33. Why should it be mandatory for the poorest to pay taxes?
  34. The effect of sports on crimes
  35. Making recycling mandatory for everyone
  36. Stricter laws should be there for those who abuse or abandon their pets
  37. Are women paid equal to their male counterparts?
  38. Are actors and sportsmen paid excessively?
  39. Should the drinking age be reduced?
  40. Is deforestation necessary?
  41. Hunting- good or bad?
  42. Should every country spend less money on military and more on science?
  43. Every educational institution should have smart classrooms
  44. Child molesters should be hanged to death
  45. One should always tell the truth
  46. Is government surveillance justified?
  47. Is there any relation between behaviour problems and violent video games?
  48. Grades cannot evaluate a child’s learning progress
  49. Is selfishness a normal human behaviour?
  50. Are steroids good for our body?
  51. Overuse of the internet is causing harm to children. Discuss.
  52. The pros and cons of globalisation
  53. Are we dependent on the internet?
  54. Legalising abortion everywhere- pros and cons
  55. The quality of movies has degraded from the yesteryears
  56. Should more privacy rights be given to celebrities?
  57. The good and bad sides of beauty pageants
  58. Do cross-cultural marriages have a positive effect on racial tolerance?
  59. Safety of online dating
  60. Is it necessary to have eight hours of sleep every day?
  61. Self-driving vehicles - dangerous or beneficial?
  62. Use of drones- does it violate people’s privacy?
  63. Can energy drinks be dangerous for under-aged people?
  64. Is it necessary to have a religion?
  65. Are corporate employees nothing but modern forms of slaves?

Go through this list and select a topic that you find to be interesting.

How to Select the Right Topic for Your Discursive Essay

Remember, that you cannot simply choose any random topic. While selecting a topic, you should consider the following:

  • The topic must be an interesting one
  • You should have an idea about the issue you are going to discuss
  • You should have access to multiple online and offline resources

Tips for Composing a Stellar Discursive Essay

The objective of writing a discursive essay is to shed light on the pros and cons of an issue. Unlike an argumentative essay, you don’t try to establish your position on the given topic. Rather, you present a balanced discussion that focuses on both sides of the topic.

Keep the below-mentioned points in mind while writing a discursive essay and you’ll be good to go:

  • Use a formal tone

Always use a formal tone while writing a discursive essay. You should always write in the third person and not the first-person.

  • Introduce one argument in each paragraph

Given that you need to include both sides of an issue, you will have the scope to introduce a new argument in every paragraph of the essay. While writing the body section, make sure that you establish an argument in each paragraph.

  • Include equal number of paragraphs for both pros and cons

To present a balanced discussion, you should include an equal number of supporting and opposing sides. If you are using two paragraphs to write about the supporting arguments, you should include an equal portion for the opposing arguments.

  • Provide valid reasons

Whether you are discussing the supporting or opposing arguments, you must give logical and practical reasons to support or refute an argument. This is the only way to present a strong argument or discussion in your essay.

Keep the above-mentioned points in mind and write a stellar discursive essay.

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