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Essay Structure - Everything You Need To Know -

Essay Structure - Everything You Need To Know

Just when you thought the creating the essay structure is the easiest thing, you got stuck with it.  It is indeed one confusing thing to deal with. You might think that just by adding a section in the beginning, middle and end will complete the structure of the essay. But, the essay structure consists of much more than that. Additionally, according to the different types of essays, the structures change. So, if you want to learn more about the essay structure, read this blog.

How to write an essay structure?

Essay writing is the most common task given by the professors. And, to prepare a high-quality essay, you will have to nail the essay structure.

The usual structure of an essay follows the five-paragraph format. It includes the introduction, three supporting body paragraphs, and the conclusion.

  • Introduction- Here, your main intention is to introduce the essay topic to the readers, pique their interest, and present the thesis to the readers. It must be remembered that the introduction must be brief and clear.
  • Body paragraphs- The main discussion of the essay will be done here. You need to present supporting facts here to show the credibility of your arguments.
  • Conclusion- The essay conclusion structure contains a brief summary of the key points mentioned in the body paragraph, and can provide suggestions for future study on the topic.

How to Structure the Different Types of Essay?

As you already know that there are different types of essays, their structures also vary from one type to the other. The format solely depends on the function of the specific essay. It may follow the regular structure or can have additions to it.

Let us now see how to format the different types:

  • Comparative essay structure – Here in comparative essay structure, the similarities and differences between two or more subjects are shown. For this, you can follow two essay structures. First, following the usual introduction section, you can write about the first item and then the second item pointing out their similar and dissimilar aspects. Second, you can select different points of comparison and compare the two. After all the points have been covered, place the conclusion in the end.
  • Argumentative essay structure - In this type, you will take a stand on the topic and try to convince the readers to agree with it. It will be similar to the persuasive essay structure as the argumentative essay is a part of the persuasive essay. The body paragraphs will start with the topic sentence portraying each argument. Following this, the explanation, facts backing the argument, and a connecting sentence, in the end, will be there in each body paragraph.
  • Analytical essay structure – Here, the structure will have a regular introduction and conclusion. For each body paragraph, you can start with a topic sentence relating to each supporting point of the thesis statement. The body paragraphs will include an explanation and supporting evidence. It will end with a connecting sentence that will lead to the next paragraph.
  • Reflective essay structure - In reflective essay structure, you will reflect on any experience of yours. To structure this, you have to mention the events in a chronological order so that, there is a linear storyline in the body paragraph. The conclusion may include your feelings about what you discovered through the experience and your plan (if any).
  • Expository essay structure - Here, you will be researching on a topic, and form an argument, and establish it by presenting and assessing the evidence. This essay will also have body paragraphs starting with a topic sentence, evidence backing the argument, analysis, and a transitional sentence.
  • Research essay structure - In this research essay structure, you will be predicting a result in the introduction, and conduct a research on a specific subject. This type of essay will include sections like, ‘introduction’, ‘background information’, ‘methods’, ‘findings’, “analysis and discussion’, ‘conclusion’.

So, this is how you should create a well-structured essay. Remember, the structure holds immense importance because if you present the information in an illogical order, your readers will not clearly understand what you are trying to say. Thus, if you want to submit an impressive essay, you must use the appropriate structure for each type of essays.

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