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ILAC Method - A Comprehensive Guide In Law Essays -

ILAC Method - A Comprehensive Guide In Law Essays

Essays, especially Law assignments, provide a stark contrast to other subject essays based on the fact Law essays involves ILAC method. The Law students are sure to agree to this.

But, those who are unaware of the Law assignment requirements most probably are oblivious about ILAC or IRAC. Thus, it would be better to start again rather than getting into the details at first.

Let’s understand what ILAC is all about.

What is ILAC?

ILAC is an acronym which is commonly observed in Law essays. ILAC is:

  • I - Issue
  • L- Law
  • A- Application
  • C- Conclusion

A Law essay usually deals with a particular case, a situation that has been provided or selected by the students. Once you give an overview of the situation and the objective, you have to follow the ILAC format.

In short, the Issue section is the segment where you provide the situation and the problems that are associated with the case. In the following section, you state the Law or the Acts concerned with the situation presented. The Law section needs to be accurate, and the statements of the Law have to be stated.

In the meantime, you have to analyze the case and think of an appropriate solution. The Law will guide the answer stated in the previous section. The section where you apply the Law to the issues mentioned in the Application segment. Here you can choose cases to validate your arguments.

The conclusion section is the place where you highlight the essential details of the entire essay.

The entire ILAC method will be discussed below in details.


If you wish to provide the most relevant solution to the situation in discussion in the essay, you have to read the case thoroughly. The primary step in an ILAC method is figuring out the issues in the case.

In this section, you have to provide a synopsis of the situation, highlighting the essential details of the case. If you specify the issues point-wise, it helps in distinguishing the separate clauses involved. Mostly, you have to provide a brief overview of the situation. If questions are given after the case, you need to state that particular problem.

2. LAW

Once you have provided the background and set the stage for further analysis, then you have to state the Law about the case. However, to do this, you have to conduct a lot of research work.

In most of the cases, you will have to cite similar case Laws and the constitutional provisions. What most of you are unaware that this is the authentic route taken by the court to provide a verdict.

However, if the case is a bit intricate and the Law governing the situation is unclear, authors generally provide legal literature in ILAC method. How legal writing operates is that personal opinions are stated. In case the authoritative source is unavailable, then persuasive sources are stated such as an academic content or obiter dicta.


Once you are clear about the issues stated in the case, and the Law governing the particular scenario, it gets easier. In the application section, you need to gather information to provide a compelling solution to the case. In this regard, you have to pickLaw cases relevant to the situation, to gain knowledge of the verdict supplied.

In case, if you are finding it challenging to collect information or gather relevant cases, you have to provide an exact analogy on your own. The arguments should be realistic and not blown out of proportion. But, evidence collection is essential irrespective of how trivial it might be in the first place.

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Establishing facts by considering one of the most accepted ways is the way to deal with real-world cases. However, since this is not an option in the Law schools, the ILAC method requires you to consider the given case and collect evidence.


Once you have completed writing the Issues, Law and Applications sections of the essay, it is time to round up the case. The conclusion segment should highlight the key elements of the situation. However, you should pay heed to a remarkable statement. You must not provide your answers in the conclusion section.

The conclusion section is usually a response (yes or no) based on the verdict of the case.

This concludes the entire content that you need to provide in your Law essay.

Do Not Overlook These Aspects

Now you have an overview of the ILAC method. There are certain essential things that you have to keep in mind:

Do not invest time in the issue and the conclusion section. Do not waste your word count in these two particular sections.

The maximum weight lies in the analysis section that involves the Law and especially the Application segment.

Do not rewrite the answers in Conclusion that has already been covered in the Application section.

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