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Language Features - The Secret To Enhanced Your Writing Skills -

Language Features - The Secret To Enhanced Your Writing Skills

How would you rate your writing skills? Is it outstanding or below par? Do you find your marks to be less than the rest of your classmates when you have provided an engaging content in your essay assignment?

What seems to be the problem? Have you considered working on the essential language features? If you consider these aspects and incorporate in your writing, you will start noticing a difference. 

This blog will spill the beans on the top twenty language features that will instantly help you in providing quality content.

1. Personification 

Personification is used to impose human characteristics on inanimate objects. It is a kind of metaphor where any form of human attribute is applied to non-human objects. 

For instance, 'Oram heard the last piece of pie calling his name.’

2. Metaphor

Metaphor, a figure a speech, is used often to highlight a comparison of something to another. The readers have a vivid idea on the object being compared, which is inaccurate.

For example, "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life".

3. Simile

Simile operates in the same way as the metaphors. However, the comparison is made, based on 'like', 'as' etc. It helps in enhancing the understanding of the readers as there is an incorporation of the relative nature of objects. 

For example, 'Richard was as brave as a lion. '

4. Alliteration

Alliteration is an exciting aspect, where you will observe a repetition of sounds at the start of a sentence. It is generally noticeable in the first two to three words. To be more precise, the same consonant sound is used to link the words.

For instance, you might have come across tongue twisters which implements alliteration, like

"She sells seashells by the sea-shore".

5. Pun

A pun is used to play upon or exploit the two different meanings of the same word. It carries a humorous effect.

For instance, 'Susan had a photographic memory but never considered developing it.'

6. Assonance

When similar vowel sounds are repeated, assonance is registered. It helps in portraying an image on the mind of the readers.

For example, "Try to light the fire."

7. Onomatopoeia

Onomatopoeia is an intriguing language feature where the word creates the sound of the action.

For instance, "both bees and buzzers buzz."

8. Irony

The irony is used to signify the satire associated with a particular object, idea, philosophy, etc. It is usually used to represent hypocrisy. 

For example, 'The police station got robbed.'

9. Imagery

The language feature used to evoke one of the five senses, and present a vivid image on the mind of the readers is imagery. When you use the imagery in your sentence, you must refer to the specific kind of imagery used.

For instance, sound: 'The event was so loud that his ears rang for days afterwards.'

10. Colloquialism

Colloquialism creates a laid-back impression on the mind of the readers as the tone is very informal.

For example, colloquialism can be observed in various regions. You might have found sentences like "it's wicked cold out" which necessarily does not follow the norms of grammar.

11. Rhyme

Rhyming is one of the most familiar language features used in poems, conveying an aesthetic sense rather than creating meaning.

For instance, 

"Once upon a midnight dreary; while I pondered, weak and weary.."

This example is an excerpt from Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven".

12. Jargon

Jargon refers to the technical or specialized terms used by a specific group of people associated with a particular field. A person belonging from IT background may include specific terminologies which others might find it difficult to follow. 

For example, "Are you aware of the latest hacks in the cloud collaboration domain?"

13. Repetition

Sometimes it becomes necessary to illustrate the significance of a matter through repetition. The severity of the message or a particular action is implemented through repetition.

For example, "it's okay not to be okay."

14. Superlative

Superlative is associated with an adjective or adverb which is used to distinguish an object from its available types. It can only be used when comparison takes place between two or more objects.

For example, "My mom cooks the best in the family."

15. Imperative

The imperative language feature is a command or statement in essence. It is used by the English essay writers to address the readers or listener directly.

 For example, "Play your notes with emotion."

16. 1st person singular

As far as 1st person singular feature is concerned, 'I' denotes the writer or the speaker. It provides a personal touch showing concern for the readers. This is a type of presenting an overture.

For example, "I see myself as a provider of information for the benefit of the people."

17. 1st and 2nd person plural pronoun

The first person plural pronoun is used to unite both the writer and the audience. This creates a sense of inclusion in the mind of the readers.

For instance, "We are supposed to take the initiative to conserve water." 

On the other hand, the second person plural pronoun is used to refer to the people spoken to by the author. It helps them to a part of the matter or issue.

For instance, "You agree with me, right?"

18. Euphemism 

We are often involved in situations where we have to be harsh than usual. Euphemism is used to convey something difficult to express. For instance, "Kick the bucket "describes the demise of a person. Often this language feature is used to reprimand.

19. Juxtaposition

We use juxtaposition in our writing to highlight the contrast between two directly or indirectly related aspects and compare them. It is often implemented to portray character details, suspense, etc.

20. Motif

To describe the central idea of the article, providing a repetition through motif becomes essential. Motifs are sounds, words, ideas, etc. in rhetorical writing, evaluative writing etc.

For example, shattered glass is used to represent a precarious aspect of our lives.

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