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70+ Quantitative Research Topics For Guaranteed Academic Success -

70+ Quantitative Research Topics For Guaranteed Academic Success

Quantitative methods emphasise on objective measurements and statistical or numerical evaluation of data gathered through questionnaires, polls, and surveys.

This type of research paper focuses on gathering numerical data and generalising it across categories of people. Before presenting a quantitative research study, you must understand whether it will be experimental or descriptive because that will depend on how you collect, evaluate, and interpret the results.

Now, the whole process may seem too intimidating for most students, which is why we have presented a quick guide that elaborates how to carry out the research. In fact, we have also presented a list of relevant quantitative research topics for your convenience.

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Presenting a Remarkable Introduction

The introduction to a quantitative analysis paper is usually written from the third person point of view. It consists of the following aspects:

  • Recognising the research problem: As with any academic paper, you must provide clarity on the research problem.
  • Reviewing the literature: Find scholarly articles and books that have a similar form of research. Also, evaluate the major gaps that exist within the research.
  • Elucidating the theoretical framework: Present an outline of the theory or hypothesis connected with your study. You can also define complex or unfamiliar terms, concepts, or ideas.

Determining the Research Methodology

The methods section of a quantitative research paper should elaborate on how each objective of your study will be attained.

  • Analysing the population and sampling: You need to check where did the data come from or how relevant it is. Also, check where gaps exist or what was excluded from the sampling.
  • The process of data collection: Explain the tools and methods used to collect information and identify the variables being measured. You need to elaborate on the methods used to gather the data. Check if the data was pre-existing or you gathered it yourself. If you collected the data yourself, define the type of instrument you used and justify your choice.
  • Carrying out the data analysis: Explain the methods for processing and analysing the data. If necessary, elaborate on the particular instruments of analysis that was used to study each research objective.

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Deriving the Results and Findings

The results of your research should be presented objectively and in a precise and coherent format. It should be presented in a sequential order. In quantitative studies, it is common to use graphs, tables, charts, and other non-textual elements to help the reader understand the data.


Wrap up your analysis by summarising the topic and offer a final comment and assessment of the study.

  • Summary of the results: Don’t elaborate on any statistical data in this section, instead just provide a brief summary of the major findings. Also, ensure that you provide the answers to your research questions.
  • Recommendations for limitations: If appropriate to the objective of the research paper, connect the results with policy recommendations or actions to be taken.
  • Determine the scope for future research: Address the necessity for future research connected with your study's limitations. Also, elaborate on any remaining gaps in the literature that were not addressed in your paper.

An Elaborate List of Quantitative Research Topics:

The right topic will allow you to highlight the findings and observations of your quantitative research in the most brilliant way possible. With that thought, we have presented a list of topics that you can consider for your research paper.

  1. Evaluate the immigration policy of your country and its neighbours. Determine how they are similar or different from each other
  2. Discuss the impact of the loss of net neutrality on the netizens with appropriate quantitative analysis
  3. The implementation of employee wellness program enhances productivity
  4. Analyse the impact of China’s one child policy
  5. Will artificial intelligence pose a threat to employment opportunities? Discuss with proper quantitative analysis
  6. Do Smartphones decrease or increase productivity at work? Provide in-depth quantitative analysis
  7. Examine the phenomenon of deforestation in your country with appropriate quantitative research
  8. What is the relation between motivation and ageing? Define with proper quantitative analysis
  9. Should poverty alleviation be a corporate concern? Provide quantitative research
  10. Discuss the prevalence of gender stereotypes at workplace in the last two decades with proper quantitative analysis
  11. Prepare a quantitative analysis of inter-racial marriages and their impact on the tolerance to discrimination
  12. Discuss the impact of technology in classroom learning. Offer detailed quantitative analysis along with your answer
  13. Adopting a flexible approach to impart education will help students to perform better. Provide quantitative analysis with your answer
  14. Can the internet alter the perceptions of reality? Elaborate on your argument with proper quantitative research
  15. Is a standardised classroom assessment effective in determining the students' skills and awareness?
  16. Does technology make people lazy? Provide a detailed quantitative analysis
  17. Can robots and artificial intelligence be more evolved than human beings? Offer a quantitative analysis
  18. Does the prevalence of cryptocurrency pose the threat of identity theft? Analyse with proper quantitative research
  19. Social media is the biggest reason for the death of face-to-face interactions
  20. Analyse how the severity of natural disasters has elevated in the last couple of decades
  21. Does social media trigger mental health issues? Discuss with ample quantitative data
  22. Are low-fat diets more effective than low-carb diets for weight loss?
  23. The population control policies of your country and its impact on the masses
  24. Are today’s children smarter than their predecessors? Elucidate with appropriate quantitative data
  25. The contribution of media in the altered perceptions of beauty
  26. Should the education system of your country be more focused on skill-based learning?
  27. Elaborate on the relationship between racial intolerance and hate crimes
  28. Is the process of e-governance bridging the gap between people and the government?
  29. Ecommerce has transformed the shopping experience of consumers. Elaborate with quantitative data
  30. The impact of social media in propagating cybercrime. Provide quantitative data along with your answer
  31. The phenomenon of gun violence and mass shootings on campuses have increased in recent times. Offer your insights through quantitative research
  32. Does the dependence on digital devices deprive us of our privacy? Elaborate with adequate quantitative data
  33. Has the awareness against domestic violence lessened its impact in the last decade? Elaborate with proper quantitative analysis
  34. Do imposing parental controls really prevent children from consuming inappropriate content on the internet?
  35. Is education today more commercially driven? Elucidate with proper quantitative analysis
  36. The impact of cloud technology in the process of data storage. Provide relevant quantitative data along with your answer
  37. Alternative sources of energy can help preserve the earth's natural resources. Present your insights with appropriate quantitative data
  38. Is the process of “reduce, reuse, recycle” being implemented properly by businesses? Provide examples and quantitative data
  39. Should fast food chains be blamed for propagating obesity? Elucidate with pertinent quantitative research
  40. Does the internet have a role in instigating violence among children? Analyse with proper quantitative analysis
  41. Can alternative medicines prevent the onset of terminal illness? Elucidate with quantitative research
  42. Determine the connection between emotional stability and physical wellness
  43. Describe the phenomenon of reverse discrimination with pertinent quantitative research
  44. Drunk driving has claimed more lives than diseases. Analyse with appropriate quantitative analysis
  45. How does climate change affect animals? Present your opinion with relevant quantitative
  46. Describe the phenomenon of the persecution of alternative lifestyles with appropriate quantitative research
  47. Have the efforts towards prison reforms met with a favourable outcome? Provide your answer with quantitative analysis
  48. How has stress affected the physical wellbeing of people in the last five years? Elucidate with proper quantitative analysis
  49. Does social media have a defining role in bringing positive social change?
  50. The rise of citizen journalism in the era of social media. Offer your insights with relevant quantitative research
  51. Is the stigma related to STDs (Sexually Transmitted Disease) still prevalent? Present your views with proper quantitative research
  52. Continuous texting leads to lack of proper language skills. Discuss
  53. Are we too dependent on internet search engines? Present your observations based on quantitative research
  54. The impact of diversity on workplace environment
  55. Gun ownership should be strictly monitored. Provide adequate quantitative data along with your answer
  56. Spying on children: Infringement of privacy or safety precautions?
  57. Does the world need ethical hackers? Provide your answer with sufficient quantitative research
  58. The use of digital media in crime investigation
  59. Should the government take more stringent measures to conserve water? Describe with proper quantitative data
  60. Does the internet make it easier to steal intellectual property? Present your views with proper quantitative analysis
  61. Is the media driven by sensationalism? Offer your observations based on quantitative research
  62. Is competitiveness among peers a bad thing? Present quantitative data with your answer
  63. Why do most marriages fail in recent times? Provide quantitative analysis
  64. Digital marketing has transformed business processes for the better
  65. Social media is the most potent marketing channel
  66. The rise of micro-influencers in the digital era
  67. How does maintaining a positive work culture influence employee efficiency?
  68. Mobile devices have changed how marketing processes are carried out
  69. Should educational institutions teach leadership skills? Provide your answer with sufficient quantitative data
  70. Does Search Engine Optimisation limit the scope of content marketing? Elucidate with proper quantitative analysis
  71. Are developed countries more vulnerable to racial discrimination?
  72. How does nutritional therapy help in mental disorders? Provide your answer based on quantitative research


While the whole process is indeed an elaborate one, the insights presented above will help you to present a brilliant research paper. Choose from the list and maintain the credibility of your research.

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