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CDR Sample for Structural Engineers Australia

Structural Engineer can be understood as a type of Civil Engineer. The Civil Engineer mainly manages the design and analysis of structures along with maintaining the competency for resisting or support loads. In the country, Australia, there is huge requirement of Structural Engineers. The reputed companies and major industries in the country, Australia welcomes competent Structural Engineers from different nations. The companies in Australia is in great demand of a huge number of skilled and qualified engineers and this is one of the significant reasons that competent Structural Engineers come to Australia every year from different parts of the world to work as technocrats. You may also get Assignment Help from our professional writers to obtain an A+ on your assignments.

The CDR sample for Structural Engineers must include several required reports such as Curriculum Vitae (CV), Continuing Professional Development (CPD), three Career Episodes (CE), and Summary Statement. The resume must be created as a professional template to showcase the academic as well professional qualification. The curriculum vitae of the Structural Engineer must include personal and professional skills details. The person must have decision making power, project management, numerous skills, communication skills, analytical skills, problem solving skills, etc. the Curriculum Vitae must include details such as experience of the candidates, projects undertaken in relation to the particular field, key skills of the person, strengths and weaknesses, details of the internship, achievements and also some other details which are considered important for employing anyone such as personal details such as name, address, language known, citizenship, etc. Please contact our experts if you want Academic Assignment Help.

The content of the CDR Report Samples must include several required reports such as Curriculum Vitae (CV), Continuing Professional Development (CPD), three Career Episodes (CE), and Summary Statement. Continuing Professional Development can be identified as a holistic activity. It cannot be understood as strictly relating to technical knowledge of an engineer. The continuous development plan must provide an appropriate balance for the professional skills. The continuous development plan must include organization of seminars, educational events, E-Learning processes, private form of study, work experience and other types of work-based learning. Case Study Assignment Help is also available to aid students in finishing case study assignments on time.

These practices of continuous development plan are considered important for becoming a competent structural engineer for today’s business environment. CPD is vital for the structural engineers because it provides adequate evidence which can help one to become proactive in one’s career. The continuous learning using CPD assures that one have the relevant skills and knowledge for performing ones role. The follow of CPD by the structural engineers shows the presence of “learning agility” among the engineers. The key points any potential employer will be looking for is the presence of continuous development of skills and talent in one engineer.

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There are three career episodes in the life of a structural engineer such as career episode 1, career episode 2 and career episode 3. The career episode sample 1 provides details about the do’s of the structural engineers such as: To conduct meeting with the clients and consultants to discuss about the details on project and gather suitable information on the aluminum project intended for the project; To study the entire architectural and structural designs and specifications of the facade for the future reference; To perform the calculation of preliminary structure through STAAD and Math CAD for each component of aluminum along with the accessories; To discuss the results of the first calculation with technical and sales manager and the clients in a comprehensive way for the approval of those calculations and gather the data for auxiliary structural requirements; To provide the clients with the options of mechanical properties of the components of aluminum that perfectly suited the structural and economic criteria; To prepare the comprehensive structural report after verifying the first design and the criteria of selection of material. Our Assignment Experts can help you with a wide range of topics.

The career episode sample 2 provides details about the do’s of the structural engineers such as:

  • The engineer supposed to gather all the required documents like samples of material, specifications and drawings related to the project.
  • The engineer is required to conduct meetings and execute projects efficiently. The meetings can be conducted with the technical manager and plan the project’s work.
  • The engineer need to calculate the parameters relating to vertical loads, sideways loads, stresses and other structural assumptions.
  • The engineer need to provide the structural drawings including their analysis in STAAD Pro.
  • The engineer need to perform administration and control processes concerning the entire process of procurement for the materials which are seen as important and vital for the project.

The engineer need to evaluate and analyze all the activities which are being conducted in the project on the site. It will help to ensure that all the activities are conducted in accordance with the targeted budget, regulations of company, environmental standards, and quality.

The third episodes talk about the technical skills and its usage for completing the task. It provides information that the engineers need to measure and evaluate the previously performed structural calculations which were rejected by the consultant. The engineers need to perform the structural analysis and study the overall structure including system supports.

They try to study the case which are relating to failure of the system and learn from such practical cases. The technical manager gain maximum support from the structural engineers as they support to deal with the technical problems and issues of the system. The Civil Engineer mainly manages the design and analysis of structures along with maintaining the competency for resisting or support loads.

In addition to this, it is important that one person includes the summary statement is an essential document for CDR Report that precisely describes each career episode. It is a table format document that briefly presents the contents of any Career Episode based on the competency elements that need to be fulfilled. The career episode is prepared by indicating several paragraphs. Therefore, it can be said that the structural engineering needs to have several skills and technical knowledge to deal with the technical issues and problems so that they can assist in the process of project execution, operation and completion under the guidance and direction of technical managers. 
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