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STAT102 Business Data Analysis

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Most Popular FAQs Searched By Students

Question: What is the meaning of the measure of dispersion?

Answer: A measure of dispersion indicates the scattering of data. It describes the disparity of data from one another, delivering an accurate view of their distribution.

 Question: How do you calculate the standard deviation?

Answer: You can calculate the standard deviation by following these steps:

  1. Find the mean
  2. For each data point, find the square of its distance to the mean.
  3. Sum the values from step 2.
  4. Divide by the number of data points.
  5. Take the square root.

Question: How do you find the variance in statistics?

Answer: Here are the steps for calculating the variance:

  1. Find the mean by adding up all the scores and dividing them by the number of scores.
  2. Find each score’s deviation from the mean
  3. Square each deviation from the mean
  4. Find the sum of squares
  5. Divide the sum of squares by n1-1 or N

Question: Is the measure of central tendency also a type of statistics?

Answer: Yes. The measure of central tendency is also known as summary statistics.

A measure of central tendency is a single value that attempts to describe a set of data by identifying the central position within that set of data.

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