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Maintaining the right word and character count in an assignment is a quintessential part of every academic writing guideline. If you fail to abide by the proposed convention, it will only lead you to face unfavourable consequences in terms of low grades and bad impression on your professors. However, keeping track of the exact word and character count can be tedious in case of dissertations, case studies, and coursework.

This is where our advanced word count machine comes into play. It is the perfect combination of smart design and accuracy from every single aspect. The advanced word counter is exclusively available on our website. Simply sign up with us and make the most of this fantastic app, without shelling a penny.

Here’s everything you need to know about our word counter tool.

Advanced Word Counter with Exemplary Features

Why would you choose our application when there are several word counters available online? Well, we have got enough reasons for that. Our word & character limit counter is certainly unique in its appearance and functionalities.

Take some time to check out its key features, and you won’t feel like using any other word counter for your assignments.

Here you go.

  • Advanced maintenance and support backup

Our backend team has worked on the advancement of the word counter tool and enhanced its maintenance and support features. You will be able to use this amazing word counter online without being subjected to any potential lag.

  • Ability to generate faster solutions

We can vouch that our word count tool online is twice faster than any other contemporary application in today's world. If you don't believe us, start using this tool and perceive things all by yourself.

  • Multi-feature compatibility makes it more unique

Using our word counter tool, you are merely not entitled to receive solutions related to the exactness of the number of words inserted in an assignment. There’s more to it. You can use this tool as a character limit counter and harness its fullest potential to fulfil all academic requirements.

So, what more are you waiting for? Sign up with us today and try out the all-new word counter tool, exclusively at

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Bid Farewell to the Odds of Inaccurate Character Count

Use Our Character/Word Count Generator Tool

Although you have learned about the exclusive features of our word count generator, you might be wondering whether the application would show the right character count. In case you still have doubts and wish to explore further facets in this context, take a look here.

  • The app is capable of helping you with solutions that provide you with the exact character count without spacesin a particular text.
  • It will also provide you with the finest solutions by generating results in the form of the accurate character count, including spaces.

Our in-house experts and other eminent software developers have left no stone unturned to launch a multi-purpose application, as potent as this word/character limit counter online. This makes it the right choice for someone who’s looking for the best character count tool online.

So, it is okay if you do not know how to count character in words when you can use our tool with a mere click. You won’t regret taking this decision, even a bit.

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What is the Difference between Word Count and Character Count?

What is the difference between word count and character count? - This is arguably one of the most asked questions among students. If you are on the same page, take some time to read what has been included below.

  • A word is a string of letters that carries a particular meaning and can stand alone.
  • When you are supposed to keep count of the number of words in a particular document, you call it “word count”.
  • On the other hand, a character is almost similar to that of an alphabet in a word.
  • When you are asked to keep track of the character count in word, it is termed as “character count”.

These are the basic differences between the terminologies “word count and character count”. If you still find it difficult to get the hang of the differences, use our word/character counter tool.

You will be able to observe elements that are segregated as words and characters in the solution. Thus, it will allow you to understand the fundamental differences between word count and character count in an illustratively enriched way.

Now that you know about the app that would allow you to embrace nothing but absolute academic excellence, start using our text characters/word counter tool right away. We shall leave no loose ends to assure you of the best of everything, with all might and main.

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